Even when you took me through

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There's this Brandy song I love, it's called "I Thought," and in the lyrics she details the many ways in which a former lover has failed her.

A sample of the lyrics for more specifics:
"Try to console me? (No, you didn't)
Meet any of my needs? (No, you didn't)
But still I stuck by you (Yes, I did)
Even when you took me through (Yes, I did)"

What does 'took me through' mean here? I know the more usual meanings of 'take one through', as in "Tom here will take you through the office to give you a sense of the place" and "I had to call customer service to take me through the installation process." But I don't get Brandy's 'take (one) through.' I have a feeling it's a more slangy thing, of that era.

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  • I assume that Brandy was primarily interested in the rhyme between you and through. I imagine that the line means something like Even when you took/put me through a lot of unpleasant experiences.