eventjes te veel

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    Hou me vast,
    soms wordt het allemaal, eventjes te veel,

    According to van dale, eventjes means a moment. So eventjes te veel perhaps means 'becomes too much for a moment'? Doesn't really make sense.
  2. Peterdg

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    It means: "Sometimes it all gets too much to cope with"; "eventjes" indicates that it's only a temporary feeling; I don't know how to translate it correctly without producing an awkward sounding English sentence.
  3. TvdrA New Member

    The whole expression is: "te veel worden" (to overwhelm) and together with "soms" (sometimes) and "eventjes" (for a (short) moment), the singer is telling us that sometimes (soms) everything (het allemaal) overwhelms him (wordt te veel) for a short moment (eventjes). In fact the sentence would also be perfect without the "eventjes", but the singer uses this to emphasize the fact that it's only for a very short time.

    The comma is incorrect, but probably placed to indicate a brief pause (since this is song text). It probably makes more sense without the comma: Soms wordt het allemaal eventjes te veel.
  4. Peterdg

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