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Example: As Jeb ushered Reynolds out the door, the full weight of the doctor’s earlier words fell on him. If things got as bad as Reynolds predicted, then he needed to prepare for the worst eventuality. He was no survivalist, but he did have a hunting rifle and a pistol that had belonged to his father, who had tried in vain to interest him in hunting white-tailed deer in Mexico.

Source: Judgment Day: A Zombie Apocalypse by Gurley, JE

Background: Jeb's son had been sick all day, sweating, moaning and thrashing about on the bed. Doctor Reynolds turned up to his house weary and haggard. He gave him a sedative to send him to sleep but things weren't looking good for him. He told Jeb the government was trying to cover up a mysterious epidemic that apparently had been causing the skyrocketing number of deaths over the past few days. And his son's symptoms were strikingly similar to those the dead patients suffered. He suggested they should wait a few days to see if his condition would improve. He added that if the government couldn't come up with something to contain the spread soon, the world would be in great trouble.

Hi native speakers,
Merriam Webster equates "eventuality" with "outcome". Do you think using "outcome" instead would work in the example above?
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