ever so slightly side on to this thing

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Hi guys, I can't tell the real meaning of this phrase.
Here's the whole sentence:
"I'm ever so slightly side on to this thing, but it’s definitely obscuring a couple of the letters of the licence plate."
And here's the background: the guy is testing the efficiency
of the so-called licence plate blockers,
he tried with some kind of a plastic sheet with magnifying effect,
but it obscured only two letters. He says "but", but judging from the intonation,
I think he might have meant "and".
Thanks a lot!
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    Hello Wordiana ~ Welcome to English Only forum

    What he means is that he's not standing directly in front of it, but slightly to one side, his view of it is from a slightly diagonal angle.
    I might be able to help more if I knew what a licence plate blocker was!

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    Exactly. "Side-on" (I think a hyphenation makes this less confusing) is an adverb/adjective meaning: "on, from, or towards a side" of something. I think he means "but": by being slightly to one side his view is not ideal, but (nevertheless) he feels able to make the judgement that it obscuring the number.


    Hi, guys,
    thank you for being ever so helpful
    Regarding the licence plate blocker,
    here's the thing - it's the Mythbusters, and they're trying to bust the myth about how you can trick the speeding camera by using "licence plate blockers"
    such as hairspray, the above mentioned magnifying plastic sheet, etc,
    but, not surprisingly, none of those things worked.
    I thought that the meaning of the phrase was metaphorical and that he actually meant that he was slightly in favor of that blocker,
    it hasn't struck me to think about it in "prepositional" way, but it really makes sense. Thanks a lot!:D
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