everlasting harms of Same


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Tom’s monologue recommenced. Gone to Kansas City, Nick thought. For all I know, that could be it, too. Everybody left on the poor sad planet picked up by the Hand of God and either rocked in the everlasting harms of Same or set down again in Kansas City.
Source: The Stand by Stephen King
Context: Nick (deaf mute) and Tom (mentally restarded) met in May, Oklahoma.

Nick wondered where all the people have gone to. The town is deserted after the superflu decimated most of the population.

What does the bolded expression mean?

Thank you.
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    everlasting harms of Same
    It should be 'arms'. 'Same' means 'God'.

    The word 'same' is sometimes used to avoid repeating a term. Here it has a capital 's' because it means 'God'.

    Using this turn of phrase to refer to God is mildly ironic.
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