everlasting / never-ending nightmare

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I have two titles for a speach , and I'm confused which one to choose " everlasting nightmare " or " a never ending nightmate " I'd be grateful to hear you comments and suggestion.

Edit :-
Which title sounds better to your ears ?
  • Kelly B

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    I think it makes a better thread title, as well, so I have changed it. I also like interminable, but the word is not very commonly used.

    By the way, speech is spelled like this.


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    I think speech is more like verbal communication.As a result,make the language easy so that everyone can understand you.I consider "An eternal nightmare" is a good choice.However,what you need to do the most important is to have more eye contact with your audience and to show your confidence.


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    I can't really explain why, but never-ending seems much better than eternal or everlasting in this context. It carries all the relentless horror rather more realistically.


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    The word 'everlasting' has a more positive connotation for me (dream = positive), but never-ending seems more negative (nightmare = negative).
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