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How do you differentiate between "everybody" and "everyone"?
Many dictionaries I consulted say: Everybody is more casual and more often used in conversations. But is this true in everyday usage? In movies, people seem to use them interchangeably. Please clear up my confusion.
  • Judica

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    They are basically the same so I think it depends on personal preference. However, "everybody" does seem more casual.

    Everybody (every person)
    Everyone (every individual)

    If I were hosting an event, I would say something such as, "Would everyone please take your seats".

    If I were hosting a gathering of friends in my home, I would say something such as, "Everybody have a seat".


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    Hello Fujibei - welcome to WordReference :)

    One of the very special features of WordReference is that if you look up a word or phrase in the Dictionary and thread title search, you will see a list of all the existing threads that include the search term in the thread title.
    Click on everybody everyone
    The list that includes:
    what's the difference between everyone and everybody?
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    everybody vs. everyone

    It seems that everyone, or indeed everybody, agrees with Judica and entangledbank - they are the same.

    The last entry is this thread :)

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    One of the common mistakes is to think that one or the other is plural while the other is singular. Both are treated as singular in order to achieve subject/verb agreement. Everyone took his place at the table. Everybody waited for the host to sit before taking his own seat.
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