everyone who was anyone was there at the best parties in Jerusalem


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Their Sheikh Jarrah villa, which was owned by the mufti and filled with 12,000 books, was the social headquarters for Arab grandees, British elites and celebrity visitors, as well as a political salon for Arab nationalists. “Pretty women, delicious food, clever conversation: everyone who was anyone was there at the best parties in Jerusalem,” remembered Nassereddin Nashashibi, “and they always had the most delightfully louche atmosphere.”

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Simon Sebag Montefiore
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Hi. What does the underlined sentence mean? The bold part baffles me.
Thank you.
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    It means: Anyone and everyone who was of some importance (political, religious, entertainment, academic etc) in Jerusalem was to be found at the best parties.

    These days, this group of people goes by the name of "the elites" (at least in the USA) although I personally have a hard time considering movie stars, people in the entertainment world, news broadcasters and the like as "elites". Doing so makes a mockery of the word "elite" and cheapens it. It really changes its original meaning.
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