everything closed down on him

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Liam uncovered a small cell operating out of Londonderry, but although he knew it was all part of something much bigger, everything closed down on him. He’s left with suspicions and rumours and little else.’
Source: Hunted on the Fens by Joy Ellis (a gripping crime thriller novel)
Context: Liam is a detective sergeant.

What does the bolded phrase down? Have you ever found yourself with everything closed down you? Sharing is illustrating.

Thank you.
  • Keith Bradford

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    This is the phrase "close down" (see WR Dictionary) followed by "on him" indicating that he is the victim. E.g:

    I have been trying to get my printer to use an ink cartridge of a different brand. But Howlitt-Prickhard have installed new software and the print driver has now closed down on me.
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