Evict Vs Displace or Throw out?

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Hello amigos

Farmers were evicted/displaced/thrown out of their lands by the government.

Is there a subtle difference among them? or all of them fit well in this case?


  • bibliolept

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    Firstly, I would use "displaced from" and "evicted from."

    "Thrown out" is less formal and is not as neutral as "evicted/displaced from." The latter two sound clinical and detached; their formality makes them more dispassionate than "thrown out," which is the sort of phrase that someone protesting the government's actions would use.


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    Hola Sam,

    "Farmers were evicted from their land by the government" = The government implemented a formal process in which the right of the farmers to live on the land was taken away (probably because the farmers could no longer pay rent for it).

    "Farmers were displaced from their land by the government" sounds strange. "Displace" would tend to mean that the farmers got pushed out and the government moved on to that land. "Native Americans were displaced by white farmers" seems to me a more appropriate use of the word.

    "Farmers were thrown out of their land by the government," as bibliolept indicated, is informal and contains a judgment that the government did something unfair to the innocent farmers.
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