evoking a lulling clock [cloak] of hedonistic swooning



The fragrance of rich hot chocolate dances into the foyer, embraces the scent of butter creme, and waltzes into one's senses, (evoking a lulling clock of hedonistic swooning).

I can't understand what in the parentheses mean. I understood what each word means by dictionary but still can't get as a whole.......

the background is she is in one of the French cake shops and is describing the ambience....
from Paris, Baby by kirsten lobe

Thank you.......:)
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    (evoking a lulling clock of hedonistic swooning).
    Nobody seems very eager to take this on so I'll have a go.

    A "lulling clock" would be a clock that, with its monotonous ticking, calms you or sends you to sleep.
    "Hedonistic swooning" might be "such an excess of sensory delight that it's enough to make you swoon".

    The aromas coming from the shop mingle (dance a waltz together) and invade one's senses. This olfactory overload has the almost hypnotic (the "lulling clock") effect of making you swoon with ecstasy.

    It seems to be a slightly exaggerated description.


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    It seems to be a slightly exaggerated description.
    And that's a slightly understated one ;)

    I agree with Velisarius, but note that this is a poetic flight of fancy - the sentence doesn't actually make sense, so don't be concerned that you couldn't figure it out, and don't think that these words could usually be used together like this.


    evoking a lulling cloak of hedonistic swooning

    SORRY! It was NOT clock, BUT cloak! Can you help me with this again...thank you heaps….xxxx

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    Hi, veli, It evokes, for me, an enveloping feeling of (whatever, in this case, sensuous comfort and satiation), lulling one like Dorothy's poppies or the lotuses of mythoogy...Good night!
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