exécution d'un bien patrimonial

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retriever gal

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Hi folks,

I'm having trouble translating this into English : for context - this is part of a lexicon of Unesco vocab specific to heritage property :
not sure what "exécution" means here ...execution or exploitation sounds a bit drastic in English...management? What do you think??
Any help much appreciated as this is not easy!!:(

Authenticité : caractère “exact” du bien patrimonial, pour ce qui est de sa conception, de ses matériaux, de son exécution ou de son environnement, de son caractère ou de ses composants distinctifs.

My try so far :
Authenticity : an accurate expression of the characteristics of heritage property, from its conceptual (/ conception) stage to its execution (management?), the materials used, its environment and distinctive components.
  • Kelly B

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    I prefer execution here, myself, especially if you have a little flexibility in word order: its design and execution, its materials, etc.
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