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  1. BklynGiovanna Senior Member

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    What is the most common way to say ex-boyfriend?

    I've checked the WF dictionary and I just came across the use of the word ex. Is that usually what people say in Italy?

    I'm not sure why, but I feel as though my friends and I will usually say the full "ex-boyfriend" rather than "my ex".

    Ex. One of my ex-boyfriends lives in this neighborhood.
  2. HairSplitter

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    Italian - ITALY
    il/un mio ex ragazzo ("il" means he is "the very last one")
    un mio ex...
    uno dei miei ex...
    una mia passata fiamma...
  3. alahay

    alahay Senior Member

    Volevo solo aggiungere quello per chiarire le differenze e spiegare quell'ultima tua fiamma! ;)
  4. lsp

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    we say literally the same, an old flame, I wouldn't give it too grand a distinction, è solo un altro modo di dire un ex.
  5. polyglotguy Senior Member

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    Please help me. I'm having a bit of Italian gender confusion:

    1. If you are talking about an ex-boyfriend, is it correct to say "l'ex"?
    2. Does "l'ex" always refer to a boy?
    3. If you are talking about an ex-girlfriend, is it correct to say "la ex"?
    4. Does "la ex" always refer to a girl?

    Thank you in advance! :)
  6. SpookyT Senior Member

    Milano, Italy
    (@mods - I'm confused, is it ok to reply here or does Polyglotguy have to create another thread? Let me know if I need to move my reply somewhere else)

    Hi Polyglotguy :) Here's how it works.

    If it's a boy, you can say:
    - il mio/tuo/suo ex
    - l'ex di Laura/Paolo

    If it's a girl, you can say:
    - la mia/tua/sua ex
    - la ex di Laura/Paolo
    - l'ex di Laura/Paolo

    So "l'ex" can refer to both - because it can be the shortening of either "lo ex" or "la ex". Difference is that you cannot say lo ex, whereas you can say la ex. Don't ask me why, just a matter of how it sounds I guess :)


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