ex elemento di maggiorazione


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Hello folks.

I would like help with the following phrase:
ex elemento di maggiorazione

This is in a list breakdown an employees wages.

Minimo contrattuale di Eur. XXX
Ex elemento di maggiorazione di Eur. XXX
Superminimo di Euro XXX

I imagine it is a a supplement to his regular pay but I don't know the exact term.
Thanks for any help.
  • kittykate

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    Hi kellytree,

    I have no clue whatsoever as to how to translate elemento di maggiorazione into English, but I found this explanation here:

    L’elemento di maggiorazione costituiva un “valore aggiunto” importante della retribuzione. Ogni volta che veniva corrisposto un aumento sia collettivo che individuale, automaticamente si doveva incrementare l’elemento di maggiorazione.

    Hopefully some other forer@ will see this and be able to help you!



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    Wow! This is a difficult one!
    Even ProZ does a lousy job.

    I can only give you AE opinions - no clue about BE.

    Fixed Bonus
    Misc compensation
    Variable benefit
    Special compensation
    Indexed bonus
    Indexed compensation

    I think I like the last one best.


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    Thank you for your help kittykate and TimLA.
    I guess I will go for the last one "Indexed compensation" and keep my fingers crossed.
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