exactly been the most welcoming

Pavel Pin

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Colin is talking to Nick about Nick's future wife, Rachel:

Colin: Hey, Rachel's not sitting with your family.
Nick: Yeah. I don't blame her. Mother hasn't exactly been the most welcoming. But I'm sure she'll be at the back somewhere laying low.

What is the missing word after "welcoming"?
Source: Crazy Rich Asians (2018)
  • dojibear

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    In modern English, "welcoming" can be used as an adjective. It describes someone's behavior. The meaning is similar to "friendly" or "nice".

    It is similar to the verb gerund: you "welcome" someone by treating them in a "welcome" way. Then they feel they are "welcome" in your home, or in your family.

    Normally a mother treats her daughter as being welcome. But this mother has been acting hostile or cold towards Rachel (not "welcoming"), as if Rachel was a stranger instead of her daughter.
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