exaltation of the movie-serial/comic-book impulse

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    Hi, everyone:
    Further, Star Wars' exaltation of the movie-serial/comic-book impulse reverberates in every Marvel movie spinoff. That's why, reversing another longstanding trend, more big movies today are made from comic books than from best-selling novels.

    Could you explain to me the meaning of the red part in the sentence?

    More explanation:
    I don't understand the meaning "
    the movie-serial / comic-book“, and "impulse"

    Best wishes
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    The meaning is less than clear to me, but I'll make a go at interpreting it.

    First, Star Wars was consciously created with movie serials in mind. These were works shown in movie theaters consisting of many parts, one shown each week, which were adventure-oriented, and some of which (like Flash Gordon) were science fiction.

    The author appears to think that Star Wars also represented the superhero or science fiction comic book brought to the screen. That would never have occurred to me, since the plot and back-story of Star Wars are superior to those in the vast majority of science fiction comic books. I was a fan of superhero and science fiction comic books when I was a kid, but those old comic books are painful to read now, whereas Star Wars is still a pleasure to watch. See this site for an amusing sort of criticism of such comics. I would have said, instead, that Star Wars represented that category of science fiction called space opera brought to a feature film.

    In any case, the author thinks that Star Wars exalted (brought up in status) themes of the movie serial and science fiction comic books by bringing them to the feature film. Or something like that. We still have to account for impulse. My guess is that people have a certain desire to see such material (or, alternately, others have a desire to produce such material) and movies have become a major outlet for that, according to the author, in part as a result of the influence of Star Wars, which explains why, while novels were once a major source of ideas for new movies, comic books have increasingly become a major source of ideas for new movies.
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    In other words,
    --Further, by increasing the strength (box office/popularity) of linking comic books and movie series, Star Wars.....................

    A sudden pushing or driving force.
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    Thank you both:)

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