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Belgium, Dutch
I started up a thread long ago about possible links between "except" (apart from), "without" and ..., but can I now ask for your word(s) for "except" and "alongside", which comes close, I think, at least pragmatically...

(a) Everyone is here, except for James, OR Except for James, everyone is here. [I hope that is correct]
(b) Alongside the action plan for Africa, there is apparently a new plan by the FAO.

We have
- (a) uitgezonderd (singled out, based on "zonder", which seems to mean '"apart")
- (a, b) behalve (literally meaning "be-side(s)"
- (b) naast: lit. next to, so besides
  • Armas

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    (a, b) paitsi, apparently from pa- + -itse, where pa- is unknown, possibly from the same root as paeta (to flee from). -itse means "by, through, via".
    (b) ohella lit. "on/at the side/flank"
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