exceptional leave to remain

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    how can i translate exceptional leavewhen talking about an asylum seeker applying for leave to remain under European Court of Human Rights rules?

    no suggestions i'm afraid
  2. christelleny

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    Sorry... no time for further research (I'm signing off) but I wanted to point you in the good direction:

    Try "permission exceptionnelle". The rest will depend on the complete phrase.
  3. LivingTree

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    "Leave" is usually autorisation in French, e.g. "leave to appeal" = autorisation d'appel, at least in Canada -- google:

    "autorisation exceptionnelle" asile

    and I think you'll find that is the term: autorisation exceptionnelle de séjour.

    (nearly 11,000 results versus fewer than 500 for permission exceptionnelle, although it does seem to be used)

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