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Good morning, foreros - it's very autumnal today,

This is my phrase: "A kiss not so much exchanged as administered".

It means really that only one party was entering into the spirit of the kiss as the other one was in shock.

I'm at a loss as to which verbs would be acceptable to a French ear for this. SImply échanger and administrer ? But even an everyday kiss is not exchanged is it ? Don't you say 'se donner' usually ? The whole thing seems alien in French. Any suggestions welcome :)
  • Gardefeu

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    Administered = donné (donner un baiser)
    Exchanged = partagé
    Un baiser non pas partagé, mais donné.

    Oh, I suppose échangé would be all right, too.

    The whole thing rings a distant bell. Is that a quote from something?


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    Thankyou, Gardefeu. I prefer to keep échanger out of it, really, that word reminds me of cash registers or maybe it's exchange that does that
    It rings a distant bell for me too but I'm sorry I can't give you chapter and verse - it just popped opportunely into my head.


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    "Echanger un baiser" sounds more common to me than "partager".
    I prefer "administrer" with it's hint of condescension or imposing on someone, as in "administrer une correction".
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