excited to go swimming

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  1. earthmerlin

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    Salut. I'd like to say, 'He's excited to go swiming (in the sea)'. Is 'Il est excité pour nager/aller se baigner' a good translation of this? Merci.
  2. Eagle777

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    Il a hâte d'aller nager/se baigner...
  3. Michelvar

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    Eagle777 is right.

    If it is about a child, and that you want to keep the idea of being excited, you can say "il est excité à l'idée d'aller se baigner / d'aller nager". This works for a child, not really for an adult.
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  4. earthmerlin

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    Yes, Michelvar, it is (in fact) for a child--a children's book illustration. Thanks for the clarification!
  5. GerardM

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    Hi earthmerlin, hi everyone,

    Okay for "excité" for a child.
    I guess an alternative could be "être emballé".

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