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I'm studying to become a guide. I was practising, telling myself the story of one of our kings whose two daughters died during the Mongolian invasion. After the Mongols had left the country, he made a vow that if he ever had another daughter he would offer her to God. And within a year Princess Margaret was born.
Now, in Hungarian we have an exclamation that we use to make the story a little more colourful, something like ...And what a miracle! Or Behold the miracle, Princess Margaret was born a year later.
Is there a similar exclamation or one with a similar meaning in English, too?
Thank you. :)
  • PaulQ

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    Apart from the fact that a birth isn't a miracle, a suitable phrase would be "And, lo and behold, one year later, Princess Margaret was born." Lo and behold has a religious nuance to it but is also somewhat lighthearted - it should not offend anyone.

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