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  1. Imani1077 Member

    hello, would an exclusive relationship (where two people decide to see only one another) be called une relation exclusive?
  2. thbruxelles Senior Member

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    I think so.
  3. Imani1077 Member

    thank you for the quick reply!
  4. youngneil

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    I do not think so. ;) (Too late for Imani1077, I'm afraid, who asked this question in 2009, but I answer for the sake of future readers of the thread like myself)

    "Une relation exclusive" in French from France describes a oppressive relationship and can be a relationship between friends or parents.

    I do not think we really have a term to describe a relationship aiming at fidelity in French.

    If I dare say, love is a lot less procedural in France than in the USA! :eek: We do not put so many words on what is going on between people ("date", for example).

    I guess the most common way to say it would be "une relation monogame", but it is not something we talk about a lot.

    It does not mean we are not faithful to our partners (contrary to our reputation!), but it means we do not talk about it so much as Americans do.

    If you feel the relationship is getting serious, fidelity is implied.

    Other ideas than "une relation monogame" to describe exclusive relationships?
  5. Mauricet Senior Member

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    "Une relation fidèle", tout bêtement, non ?
  6. mirifica Senior Member

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    Bonjour à tous,

    Je ne crois pas qu'on puisse traduire "exclusive" par "fidèle". "Exclusive" va plus loin que la notions de fidélité. C'est ne vivre que pour une personne à l'exclusion des autres. Le terme est également utilisé pour des relations amicales. On peut raduire par "exclusive".
  7. Micia93

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    what about "une relation fusionnelle"?
  8. petit1 Senior Member

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    relation avec un partenaire unique
  9. aroumpf Senior Member

    peut-être peut-on utiliser l'expression inverse en disant :
    ce n'est pas une "relation ouverte"

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