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Can anyone tell me what kind of ticket is EXCURSION TICKET? In a dictionary it says that is cheaper than the regular ticket, but I am not sure this definition fits in this context:

Excursion tickets can be good buys, but they need to be booked up to a month in advance. They are subject to restrictions and cannot be changed without penalty.

Rings a bell???

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    Traditionally, excursion tickets are offered at reduced prices. The quantities available may be limited, and restrictions of different sorts (such as peak times or dates) may also apply, such as you describe.


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    I have heard it in the context of travelling in buses .
    But I wonder if it is correct.

    I mean here it is not a long journey but only a travel from a person's office to his home.

    May I have your views on this ?

    Thanks in anticipation

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    We will need the phrase in the context of a sentence in order to answer your question (and the topic phrase should appear in your post and not just the thread title).


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    Unreserved apologies for inappropriate context.

    FULL context:
    Once Santa and Banta happened to be together in Delhi. Having excursion tickets, they boarded a DTC double decker. Banta, finding no vacant seat in the lower deck, went to the upper deck and took a seat.
    He was surprised to see that there was no driver in the upper deck. Showing his anxiety, he asked Santa if there was a driver in the lower deck.
    Promptly came the reply that there was indeed a driver.
    Banta than said, "Utte te wahe guru challanda pia hia!" (God is driving this upper deck himself).


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    Probably it was what we call a sightseeing bus; here in New York, we have double-decker buses that are run by several companies that travel around the city pointing out sites of historic and other interest. Special tickets are sold for most of these trips, which one could indeed call excursions. Excursion is a general word for a trip (it could be long or short) made for pleasure rather than for business or commuting to work.


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    There is no standard definition of "excursion ticket." Any company that sells tickets for transportation is free to use that term in any way it likes (or not at all). Different companies use it in different ways.

    In general, it means a ticket intended for vacation (AE; BE holiday) or leisure travellers and sold at a discounted rate. These people usually plan in advance, have some flexibility in their schedules, and need to save money. Therefore, by offering selective discounts, a transportation company can motivate them to choose travel times or routes that are less popular with business travelers. Business travelers, on the other hand, usually must travel at specific times, often change their plans at the last minute, and will pay higher fares if they must.

    For example, a bus company may sell excursion tickets that cannot be used before 9:30 am. Most tourists would find this restriction acceptable. Most workers, who must be at work before then, would not be able to use them. With airlines, excursion tickets commonly require the traveler to remain at his or her destination over a Saturday night. Most tourists would do that anyhow, but business travelers prefer to leave as late as possible before weekday meetings and return as soon as possible after them.

    In the quoted case, it appears that these two people found an excursion ticket that happened to meet their business needs. That happens from time to time. Transportation companies know this, but the benefits of selling these tickets to tourists outweigh the small losses from their occasional use by a businessperson.
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