Excuse me, do you carry __? [in store]


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Sometimes I'm in a Chinese grocery store and want to ask if they carry a certain item. I might ask something like "Excuse me, do you carry __ ?".
For example, "Excuse me, do you carry green tea?"

It's a simple question but I'm not sure how to word it naturally. (I imagine there is more than one translation for it too!)
  • 您这儿有卖 ___ 吗?
    Again, you took the words right out of my mouth, Bro. The Mandarin variety you speak seems very similar or nearly identical to mine.
    你这绿茶吗? ==> That surely comes from a Mandarin variety different from mine.
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    你們有賣 __ 嗎 / 你們有 __ 嗎 / 你們這裡有賣 __ 嗎 is what I would say.

    I say the first two when I can buy the thing anywhere and I just want to get it, e.g. toothbrush or soap. When it's rare (Chinese herbs, camera lens, etc.) I say the last one, which carries a meaning of "This thing seems to be sold only at this store, so do you carry __ here?"

    I also say 有 __ 嗎 given 1. I'm familiar with the store and the people there, 2. I know the thing is sold, and 3. (optional) the thing is not always available. Some people consider this slightly rude (in Taiwan).

    Adding 請問 is always a good idea. Sometimes it'll even be 不好意思,請問…