excuse my back / pardon my back


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Hello. Could you please tell me what "excuse my back" means in the song below? Thank you.

DMX - We're Back
Matter of fact y'all niggas, excuse my back man!
Straight up y'all niggas, pardon my back!
I ain't got no rap for no sucka-ass niggas!
Five time motherfuckin champ!

I tried to search on the internet and found only some forum contributions and not actual dictionary entries:

This might be said at a reception on the veranda or on the lawn where a conversation one was involved with was approaching a natural conclusion; and ones attention is drawn elsewhere. Before one would turn, in order to be more intimately involved in the new conversation, one would offer a, 'pardon my back', and then a demure word or two from the circle would be the requested release to join a new conversation, or otherwise, turn away.
excuse my back - English Vocabulary - English - The Free Dictionary Language Forums

Pardon My Back
what u say when your back is turned to someone while talking to them for whatever reason. proper etiquette
Pardon My Back – Defining Anything

Summarized, it can be thought of as "Sorry for not turning to face you at this moment," or "I am about to turn/walk away; please forgive the otherwise implied mild insult."
what means 'pardon my back'?
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