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Another text from a brochure for acting classes. It is describing the kinds of tough scenes they might be working on.

Ce sont des scènes de présentation de personnages, d'explications, de rencontres inopinées, de hasards improbables, de réconciliations ou d'excuses violoneuses.

Any ideas on what an excuse violoneuse could be?

Is it the notion of being pitiful?

Thanks for any ideas

  • Kelly B

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    (I don't have any better ideas than CarlosRapido's sob story. But when the children are complaining about something, I might rub my thumb against my index and second fingers, saying this is a tiny violin, and it's playing just for you. I don't remember where I picked that one up, nor do I know how widely recognized it is among English speakers.)


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    Hi Kelly,

    I've heard that one before (although, of course, the usual one is simply to mime holding a full-size violin and playing it). I also can't remember where I first heard it, but there is at least one other English speaker who recognises it!

    I think Carlos's 'sob story' (or rather 'sob stories', as we are talking about 'excuses') is probably the best translation. Alternatively, if you wanted something a bit more formal you could go with 'tales of woe'
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