1. stefaniapalacios New Member

    tengo como titulo de texto "Excusing liability" y no encuentro un equivalente en español...
    a alguien que se le ocurra una posible traducción?
  2. vicdark

    vicdark Senior Member

    Español, Bolivia
    Se necesita más contexto para tener una idea clara de lo que se trata. Incluye toda la frase o mejor aú el párrafo completo.
  3. stefaniapalacios New Member

    el párrafo que pertenece a este titulo es el siguiente:

    a director in breach of a duty may also be relieved of any liability by the court if they can put forward a convincing
    argument that they can acted honestly and reasonably in all the circumstances.
    This might happen where a director acted in good faith on the advice of a lawyer or other professional, but where
    the advice proved to be wrong.
    Directors need not wait for proceedings against them before seeking the court's protection.
    They can bring their own action for a court order to exempt them from liability.

    Espero sirva.
  4. Alisterio

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    Mexico City
    UK English
    Liberación de responsabilidad

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