executing/effectuate a raid

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I wrote 'the police executed a raid on the TV station's main office' but my editor changed it to 'the police raided the TV station...'.
I wonder does my version really sound odd (it appears on google!) or might he have edited it for brevity?

How does 'the police effectuated a raid' sound? Very odd?
  • ewie

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    Hi ... erm ... you (sorry to hear about Cyaxares:(). Welcome to the forum:)
    It doesn't sound odd ~ it just sounds 'over-wordy', slightly pompous [sorry]. Yes, I'm sure your editor changed it for the sake of brevity ... and clarity.
    And I'm also sorry to say that effectuated sounds even more wordy/pompous.

    Cathy Rose

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    To further expand on Ewie's statement, a situation where the term would be appropriate would be in the case of the police executing a search warrant, which means they are carrying out a formal directive.


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    Yes, good point, CathyR.
    You could (I suppose) say made a raid but even that is adding a word where you don't need one:(
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