Exercise heavily beforehand

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I saw this sentence no The Guardian but I don't understand what the sentence mean :

"Editors decided not to promote the exercise heavily beforehand: alive to charge of tokenism, they wanted readers to approach the articles without a sense of exceptionalism"

Especially the parts that are underlined are very difficult to me to understand.

  • Florentia52

    Modwoman in the attic
    English - United States
    Please give us some context for the quote, BlaBlaGirl2. What is the article about? What is the exercise to which your sentence refers?

    Also, it is not "exercise heavily beforehand;" it is "not to promote the exercise/ heavily / beforehand." Does that help?


    Modwoman in the attic
    English - United States
    The article is about an exercise the newspaper/website did: running a comment section by black writers to highlight Black History Month.

    Because they were aware that people might accuse them of tokenism, the Guardian chose do to little advance advertising of the event.
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