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What do you call an authority human resources department or a manager has that enable them to hire or fire someone?
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    There is no one single word or title to describe someone who has the authority to fire an employee. The HRD (Human Resources Dept) of a company is involved with "personnel" matters, such as health benefits, salary adjustments, transfers and that type of thing but very seldom does this dept. have the actual final word on "firing" someone. That's usually within the purview of the employee's direct supervisor in conjunction with a dept. manager.
    It also depends on the size the company. I doubt Bill Gates is involved with the firing of an employee below a vice-president or district manager and so on.


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    You could describe it as responsibility for staff recruitment, but that’s only one aspect of what an HR department does. As reno explains, hiring someone is only the first step in overseeing their contractual relationship with the organisation.


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    It's complicated.

    This authority is formally regulated in most (all?) large organizations. Firing generally requires the approval of at least two levels of management, plus the HR department to make sure that proper procedures were followed (for example, that it isn't two 30-year-old managers wanting to get rid of a 55-year-old employee so they can replace him with someone younger). Hiring also usually requires at least two approvals, with the procedure often depending on whether it is a replacement or a new position and whether it is included in the previously approved budget or not. There, too, HR must confirm that proper procedures were followed and that the salary offered to a new employee is consistent with company guidelines for this type of position.

    A particular manager may have the authority for final approval of offers to employees in (for example) pay grades 1-11, but would need a higher manager's approval to hire anyone in pay grade 12 or above. Does this manager have the authority to hire employees? For some employees, yes; for other employees, no.


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    What do you call an authority human resources department or a manager has that enable them to hire or fire someone?
    In a tiny company (a company that is only a few people), the boss (the 1 person who runs the company) has "hiring authority" and "firing authority".

    In a larger company, there are rules and procedures (as explained above). No single person has "hiring authority" or "firing authority".

    By the way, that is what we call them: "hiring authority" and "firing authority".
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