exiger versus requérir

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    "J'exige que vous me rendiez ces livres", meaning i really really want you to give me back the books, you don't have any choice.

    "Je requiers votre attention..." I am asking you to pay attention. Requérir has most of the time a more polite, solennel tense. It is used a lot in law.

    Hope it will help :)


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    Sorry for the late contribution to this thread but I have an example as follows as per sarahgk's explanation:
    L'article 12 de la Loi permet au Ministre d'exiger les documents.
    This would translate as: Article 12 of the Act allows the Minister to require the documents.
    But I am thinking that perhaps in this case, "demand" may be used.
    Any comments on my suggestion would be greatly appreciated!:)