existential sentence 'ever-present'

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    Hello everyone.

    I wonder how 'ever-present' is used in the existential sentence.

    Source: my reading book (short extract)

    When a client seeks information regarding the direction he or she should take what choice to make, what approach to use, etc., there is ever present a strong temptation on the counselor’'s part to tell him or her what to do, particularly if the counselor feels that she or he knows the best answer to the client’'s problems.

    I think the sentence is a little strange.

    I think 'ever present' should be put between 'temptation' and 'on'.

    The writer changed 'ever change' into 'always' in the later version since I checked it out.

    The sentence sounds natural to you?

    Thank you so much for your help. :)
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    You list source as "My book" -- what does that mean? The book you're writing or reading? If it's someone else's writing, we need more information.

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