existir + vientre + frijoles


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hello all

could some one please help me translate these spanish words into english:

existar (maybe existir?)
viente (probably veinte)

the first two I could have misspelled when I wrote them down in class, and when I looked up the 3rd on wordreference.com, I got kidney beans. But when I type in "kidney beans," I get a different word!

muchas gracias!

mike :confused:
  • garryknight

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    existar (maybe existir?)
    Existir means "to exist"

    viente (probably veinte)
    Veinte is twenty (20)
    Viene is he/she/it/ comes
    Viento is the wind
    Vientre is lower stomach
    Take your pick

    Frijoles just means beans and is sometimes used to mean food in general. Frijoles colorados means kidney beans, although I suspect many people drop the 'colorados' when talking about them. My dictionary also has 'judía' (used in Spain) and poroto (used in the Southern Cone countries) for kidney bean, although both are also used to mean just 'bean'.


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    There you go:

    Existir = To exist (It's the infinitive form)
    Veinte= Twenty
    Frijoles is the mexican-spanish word for Beans (singular: frijol) - In spain we call them Judías

    You're welcome.