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Hello, everybody.

It seemed like "Exit package" might mean "Severance package". Would you explain about it? (It is from CNN article.)

In a letter to employees Thursday afternoon, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the company was "dead serious" about a safe workplace. He said 48 people have been fired for harassment in the past two years without getting exit packages.

Thank you.
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    Golden parachute is basically informal. I don't think you'll find any corporate document anywhere referring to a golden parachute but many that might refer to an exit package. Golden parachute is a generally derisive term.

    Here is a sentence excerpt from a news program:

    ...whether or not Mr. O'Reilly is given a golden parachute or just his walking papers...

    Both references are informal.
    Golden parachute - a lot of benefits.
    Just his walking papers - he gets fired and gets no additional benefits.
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