expat levy enforcement and infrastructure is already in place

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Expat employee growth forecasts are relatively optimistic as expats currently account for about one third of the total population.
The costs associated with the implementation of the fee increase are likely to be limited as the expat levy enforcement and infrastructure is already in place. The effective communication of the fee increase will likely necessitate additional resources, however this marginal one-off cost will be incurred by the Ministry of Labor.

What is the meaning please of "expat levy enforcement and infrastructure is already in place"?

Source: STUI Company-Analytic Study

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    The 'expat levy' is a payment expats must make. Ways of enforcing (making sure) that all expats pay this levy; and the infrastructure needed to gather these payments (the infrastructure), already exist (are in place)


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    I imagine the employer pays the levy. The government already charges those companies other taxes so it would not be difficult to add one more because all the necessary records exist about that company with the government. They would need to add extra instructions but not a whole new system.
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