Expected date is late December.


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I am writing a press release about a book which is going to released in early January. I have some doubts about it and I thought it fit to ask for some help.
After writing everything about the book and what it will feature I conclude with the following:

"The expected date of release is the first fortnight of January". (I still don't know when, but that is not my fault).

Is "expected date" appropriate in this context or are there some better options ? Would "due date" require something more precise than what is there ?
Before you ask, I am also not a big fan of this "first fortnight", but I will leave it for another topic, I guess.
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    Your insticts are correct in avoiding due date. This phrase is usually used for the anticipated birth of a baby.

    You could say "the book is due out in early January," but for a press release you are better with the more formal "anticipated date of release."
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