experience from the perspective of women

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Such narratives, unlike most standard histories, represent experience from the perspective of women, affirm the importance of women's contributions, and furnish present-day women with historical continuity that is essential to their identity, individually and collectively.

Could someone please explain the two terms, experience from the perspective of women & experience of women?
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    A person's perspective is how that person sees something. If a group of people tend to see something in similar ways, you can talk about their perspective as a group. If women see experience in similar ways that are different from the way in which men would see that same experience, that is the experience of women. Those narratives represent experience as women see it.
    If you are telling the history of Britain in WWII, you could focus on the men in the battlefield and their suffering. Or you could focus on the women back home, say, in London; the ones with kids, the ones with bombs falling on their heads. Women have social roles and expectations, and their experiences reflect that. I'm not sure what it is that's unclear to you. Think of the story of your parents' life together. How would your father's account differ from your mother's?


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    "Experience from the perspective of women" = the observations, knowledge, and perceptions of life, from the point of view of women. The writer is noting that most standard histories exclude this perspective.

    I don't see "experience of women" in your sample sentence, and it's hard to explain out of context what it might mean in a particular context.

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