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Hello everyone,

Yesterday I (as a translator) received an e-mail from a subtitling company inviting me to join their team of subtitlers.
To do that, I have to fill in a form answering some questions.

One of the questions is: Do you have experience with subtitling?

Another question is: Do you have experience with timing?
- No
- Some unprofessional experience

And after that: If you answered yes, please indicate which software did you use?

Well, I have made subtitles for many movies, using SubtitleWorkshop, but I'm not sure what they mean by "timing"?

In SubtitleWorkShop, you can indicate the exact time when a subtitle should appear on the screen and the exact time when it should disappear.
Am I correct in thinking that this is what they mean by timing?

Basically, you can't make subtitles without indicating the time of their appearing and disappearing on the screen, so I'm not sure why they treat "experience in subtitling" and "experience in timing" as separate things.

Thank you.
  • boozer

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    I suppose they are being overly specific in that questionnaire.

    Still, translating subtitles and adjusting the timing are two different processes. I have seen ill-timed subtitles appearing long after the character dies, having spoken his final words and I have had to adjust the timing, too - excruciatingly boring and irritating work :D


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    Maybe in some situations certain people just do the translating and don't do the technical aspects. They want someone who can do both, probably.
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