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Why Not?

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Hi All,

does the following sentence sound idiomatic?

In particular: May I say "positive experience that language learning had provided me with"?
(I doubt about that. Nevertheless, I am not sure at all.)


"I have come to the conclusion that my way of teaching and the underlying assumptions on best practice language learning were, and still are, deeply associated with the large amount of extremely positive experience that second language learning within differential socio-cultural environments had provided me with."

Thanks in anticipation!

Why Not?
  • Lexiphile

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    Hi Why,
    I have no problem with this sentence (except as noted below), although there are many pedants who would object to the preposition at the end. Something can certainly provide you with experience.

    Here are the problms I do have:
    1. "differential" is not the right word here. You should use "different";
    2. generally, things are "closely associated," not "deeply associated";
    3. I would put commas around "and the underlying assumptions on best practice language learning" and remove the commas around "and still are," but I suspect this is merely a matter of taste.
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