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Hi, I am working on a file for JAFZA ONE, a business center in UAE. Can you please dissect the part in bold, it seems a bit complicated to me.

JAFZA ONE is a sophisticated business center and an outstanding addition to the prestigious list of UAE’s landmark structures. The enterprising destination comprises of 34-storey twin towers rising 138 meters above ground level, each consisting of 24 floors of office space. Experience the uniqueness of an ambience & facility which
leverages conceptualizing and implementing strategies, evolving a friendly work environment and ultimately growing as a holistic, world-class business.

Thank you.
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    Hello translation lover.

    Do you want this 'dissected', (which is probably too vague a questions and something we don't do)?

    Or do you want it restated in ordinary English, if possible?
    If it's the second, please give us an idea of what you have figured out so far, what you think it may mean, and which phrase you find most baffling. That will give us a starting point, and prevent our going over things you already know.


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    The part in bold must've seemed a little complicated to the original author as well. In other words, it's not clear; making things much worse is that little word "leverages" that is rather famous for not ever meaning anything much.

    Maybe you could give your own paraphrase/breakdown of the sentence, and then we could comment on that.

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    I need to know if they mean "it is a facility that makes use of conceptualizing and implementing strategies and also makes use of creating a work friendly environment, to become in the end a comprehensive and world class center? :( Not Sure!


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    Frankly if someone writes this sort of jargon and cliche-filled nonsense they don't deserve to have it translated. What a dreadful piece of English. It is 100% bullshit. There are many words but almost no meaning.

    1. The whole sentence is an imperative. Some might call it an invitation. The basic structure is "Experience X!"

    2. "Experience the uniqueness." This contains an implication that JAFZA ONE has unique properties. Unfortunately, the padding that follows doesn't specify what they are.

    3. "leverages conceptualizing and implementing strategies". I think that this is supposed to mean that coming up with business strategies and carrying them out will be made easy if you rent space in this block.

    4. "evolving a friendly work environment". At least this has a meaning. How JAFZA ONE is supposed to achieve this is not explained.

    5. "ultimately growing as a holistic, world-class business". Again this consists of empty words. Effectively it just means "your business will do well".

    I really sympathise with you having to translate this nonsense. I suggest you simply invent high-sounding phrases that sound approximately the same as the 'English'. No-one will know the difference.

    Good luck.
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    Ha! I really sympathize with Biffo's takedown of the sentence. But I'm a generous guy, and I'll believe for the moment that there's a little more content in there.
    Experience the uniqueness of an ambience & facility which leverages conceptualizing and implementing strategies, evolving a friendly work environment and ultimately growing as a holistic, world-class business.
    I'll try to restate it.

    1. Experience our unique facility with its unique ambience. Fine, that makes sense, even if it isn't phrased correctly in the original.

    2. Our facility leverages conceptualizing and implementing strategies. This part is absolutely incomprehensible - does it leverage strategies that conceptualize and implement? or does it take advantage of the conceptualization and implementation of strategies? I guess they probably mean "In building our facility, we both conceptualized and implemented [something]."

    3. Whatever we did will help develop a friendly work environment, and will also lead to the growth of holistic, world-class business. It's impossible to tell whether they mean that their facility is a friendly work environment that will grow as a business, or that their facility will help you develop a friendly work environment and help you grow a holistic, world-class business? Or does it mean that in the friendly work environment of their facility you will be able to grow your business in this certain way?

    So as a native speaker that's A) what I understand from this sentence and B) what I don't understand from this sentence.

    I agree with Biffo that the effect is mostly of a wall of words that don't fit together, but that all have certain implications and are supposed to create an impressive effect (even though the content isn't clear).


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    My impression of the whole thing is that it means.

    Rent some space in JAFZA ONE. It is a pleasant place to set up a successful business.

    Does that fit with the wider context?


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    My take on the meaning intended is that the uniqueness (of the ambience there & the facility itself) will amplify your "conceptualizing and implementing" strategies and you'll have a friendly place to work and become world-class.

    "Leverage" & "world-class" are attempts to sound business like and "ambience" and "holistic" more human-friendly.
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