1. gicaroto

    gicaroto Member

    español / spanish
    Hello, I've got a doubt, I am not sure if in this context I have to place the adverb EXPERTLY before or after the noun, I was using a website for translating this in the best way, but it has been said that both are good options.

    Our developers wield cutting-edge technologies to transform expertly (or "expertly transform") your creative vision into reality

    Could anyone give me an answer in order to helping me?
  2. nwon Senior Member

    Northwestern Ontario
    Inglés canadiense
    Diría yo, en este contexto, "expertly transform". Creo que una regla será algo como si el verbo es intransitivo, el adjetivo viene tras el verbo, pero si es transitivo, el verbo va tras el adjetivo.

    Ej. I am going to eat quickly.

    I am going to quickly eat this apple.
  3. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

    SF Bay Area, California
    American English
    Expertly transform is better.

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