expiration / caducidad

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    Hello, I have looked up in some dictionaries the word expiraty and they all refer to documents or periods of time.
    What about food? Can you say This milk has expired? Or is it anly correct to say it's past its sell-by date?

    Thanks in advanced
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    This milk has expired.
    It is past its expiration/expiry date.

    Other ways to say it:

    "Sell by date" and "expiration date" are not the same thing. (On this page you can see a picture of a label on a pack of diced pork which has both a sell by date and an expiration date. The sell by date indicates the end of a product's shelf life. As it says in the Wikipedia article, "Shelf life is different from expiration date; the former relates to food quality, the latter to food safety. A product that has passed its shelf life might still be safe, but quality is no longer guaranteed." Sell by dates "are intended to help keep track of the stock in stores. Food that has passed its sell by or display until date, but is still within its use by / best before will still be edible, assuming it has been stored correctly."

    Large grocery stores often throw those food items away, despite the fact that they're still safe to eat, and sometimes freegans, dumpster divers, or the homeless collect this food. Otherwise it simply goes to waste.
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    thanks a lot

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