Explanatory essay and anecdotes?!

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Hello! Well, my teacher assigned an "Explanatory" essay also known as an "Expository" essay, and these kinds of essays -from what I've been taught- convey someone else's story, giving information like details, and facts about what is difficult to understand. Without us giving any of our " criticism" or "opinion". Meaning we cannot use the first person "I". The thing is that my teacher required us to use an anecdote, and of course, i can't use one without using "I". would i get points taken away if i use "I"?
  • sdgraham

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    We really cannot say what your teacher will do.

    I suspect, however you will lose points if you don't capitalize 'I' consistently.


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    An anecdote can be about anything or anyone — there's no reason why it should be personal and so require the use of "I".
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