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Ben pan

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On the other hand, the Declaration is also explicable as an attack on the pre-Revolutionary monarchical regime.
For a document, to be explicated as something may mean that it can be understood as being something, implying that this sort of explication can be reckoned as a sufficient one. But to be explicable as something seems to me not very clear, maybe it is a regular grammar that some verbs’function can be substituted by this kind of structure, i.e,adjective + as. I know nothing about it.
  • velisarius

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    "Explicable": capable of being explained. To paraphrase, " ... the Declaration may also be explained (interpreted) as an attack ... " As far as I know, "to explain" and "to explicate" are synonyms.

    I can't at this moment think of other adjectives that can be used in such a way with "as", but I suspect they exist. :idea: "Applicable as" - "XYZ is not applicable as a diagnostic tool".
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