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The sentence it was in:
Finally, if you come across offensive or exploitative content, click "Report and next".
What does exploitative content mean? Does it mean sexual content?
Source: wikihow.com/Use-Chatroulette
  • Sharkbasket

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    Exploitative means "related to or causing exploitation".

    In the case of ChatRoulette, it almost certainly refers to sexual exploitation - using yourself or someone else as a tool for the sexual gratification of others.


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    I essentially agree with Sharkbasket, but the exploitative content needn't necessarily be sexual, but rather the action, meaning, someone is doing something to gain an advantage. This advantage is unfair.


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    "Offensive" almost surely refers to sexual content, although for some users it might also mean offensive racial or religious remarks.

    "Exploitative"* describes taking advantage of a situation—possibly, but not necessarily, sexually. Other ways a person you're chatting with might try to take advantage of you might be to try to sell you something, or attempt to borrow money, or otherwise use the program for something other than its intended purpose of friendly chatting.

    *Exploitive is a slightly shorter, but less common, word with the same meaning.
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