explotación petrolera/explotador de petroleo

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  1. KELNA Senior Member

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    Hi, everyone!

    I'm trying to translate "explotador de petróleo" and "explotación petrolera"

    Would "oil exploiter" be correct?
    Oil exploitation or oil installations?

    I found "oil installations" for "explotación petrolera" in the dictionary but I was confused. Would "exploitation" be wrong?

    Context: (documentary about Mapuche people)
    Pensando en los daños que causa la explotación petrolera, jamás pensaríamos en ser explotadores de petróleo.

    Considering the damages that oil exploitation/oil installations cause, we'd never consider being oil exploiters.

    Thank you.
  2. usarenzo Senior Member

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    Yo diría:

    Considering the damages that oil exploitation causes, we'd never consider entering the oil (exploitation) business. Exploiter, aunque está correcto, tiene connotaciones negativas.
  3. KELNA Senior Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Mil gracias. Precisamente por eso dudaba, por la connotación negativa.
    Me diste las palabras que buscaba!!!
  4. KELNA Senior Member

    Mexican Spanish
    So, is there any difference between oil exploitation and oil installations?
  5. MiguelNYC

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    Kelna, Yes there is a difference between exploitation (explotación) and installation (instalación)and it is the same in English as in Spanish.
  6. donbill

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    Exploit has a negative connotation in English. Explotar can have the same connotation in Spanish, but it does not necessarily have it. Explotar can simply mean to mine, drill, etc. It's a tricky translation! Sometimes the best procedure is to forget the literal translation and try for something else.

    "Considering the damages that drilling for oil can cause, we'd never consider such actions."
  7. KELNA Senior Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Wow, donbill, you are a genius!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll see if I can use it as it is subtitling what I am doing and sometimes it´s hard to change the sentence in order to make it understandable. But, boy! Do I like this site! One learns a lot!
  8. KELNA Senior Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Thank you too, MiguelNYC.

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