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Field and topic: How could this be translated into Spanish?
Sample sentence: "...the world's biggest exporter of savings...".
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    I have no idea how the text is coming and what it is about.
    It seems you are talking about someone/or a company/ who is an expert on sending savings abroad the country. But with a negative or a positive connotation?
    Let me know. Perhaps there is something else to help you properly with. :)
    Well the text talks about Japan and it's with a positive connotation.

    Here's the whole paragraph:

    ...Japan and Europe lie between those two extremes. Politicians in Tokyo tried stimulative policies and talked of structural reform, but proved notoriously ineffective at dealing with their investment bust. The economy fell into deflation and Japan, already the world's biggest exporter of savings, became an even bigger one. Its current-account surplus rose from 1.4% of GDP in 1996 to 3.7% last year.
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