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AAVE slang - A - E

All Good :
(adj) In a positive state of being ; auspicious

All/Like that!
Very desirable; Very much in fashion or demand; very good

(Très à la mode)
Cool (fam.), branché (fam.), chébran (verlan)

Ay yo trip :
A greeting whereby you want to call attention to the subject at hand.

mate (= regarde) or téma (verlan)

Ball: Also Meatball; Buck
(n) One Hundred; A “ball-thirty” is $130.00 (USD)
If someone weights 150 lbs. you could say he weighs “a buck fifty” or “a ball fifty”; If someone has 100.00, you would say “he has a meatball.”
Etymology: From a wad of bills adding up to $100.00, which resembles a round ball or a meatball.
Cent: cent dollars/livres, etc.
Étymologie : d’un tas de billets qui ressemblent à une balle ou une boulette.

(Be) Down:
(adj) In accord with; “We was[sic] all down for cruisin’ in our rides.

Être d'accord pour...

(adj) Totally awesome; incredibly fine; very desirable. Ex. That was straight-up boo-yaa!
trop bon (that’s how cool people say “très bien”)
un truc de ouf (ouf=verlan of "fou"), un truc de malade


1) (vt) To exit your immediate surrounding; depart; Go
2) –ed (adj) Be Dipped: To wear some very nice and expensive clothes, particularly, designer labels; à la mode, "Girlfriend dipped like that; got her Roca Wear, her FUBU, and her G-Wear workin’ ".

(s’en aller)
1)se casser, s’arracher, se tirer
(it means "to leave" but you can’t really add "to somewhere")
2) sapé comme un prince (saper = habiller)
chicos (the S needs to be uttered)
or(verlan) chébran(more general, not just for clothes)

Dis :
(vt) Short for disrespect; to decry another’s honor; to question the validity of anothers ideas or social standing
traiter (this verb should normally be followed by something :"tu m'as traité de débile" , standard French - but is also used as an intransitive verb equivalent of "insulter", vulg.)

[Don’t/Doesn’t] Play :
(vt) [S/He is] serious ; S/he is not kidding, joking or acting foolishly; “Don’t mess with her: she don’t play…”
Il/elle est sérieux(se) ; il/elle ne blague pas, ne se comporte pas bêtement ou sottement, ni ne frime ni charrie.

Down Low :
(adj) discrete ; without much fanfare or notice ; quietly; “Y’all would wanna keep it onna down-low”

discrètement ; sans fanfare ; doucement
en douce (fam.), en loucedé (verlan)

Drop Science, Drop Knowledge; Drop Skills:
(vt) Usually "Drop skills"; Demonstrate ability, wisdom, or skill. “My boy Dontel [playing basketball is] droppin’ some mad skills

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    AAVE slang - F - L

    (v) eg. "I feel/smell you, dawg"
    Être d’accord; se mettre d'accord

    Flava :
    (n) literally, “Flavor”; “tasty” or interesting things or events; enjoyment, entertainment;
    2) (colloquial) that which pertains to Afro-American culture.
    1) littéralement, arôme/saveur ; bonheur, amusement, plaisir
    2) ce qui appartient à la culture noire américaine

    Show Off
    crâner (fam.) ; faire de l’épate (pop.) ; se la péter (fam.) ; se la raconter (fam.) ; taper la frime (fam.), frimer (fam.)

    1) (vt.) To engage in poetic discourse, usually in a rhyming style.
    2) (vt.) Be a certain way; to be in a certain state of mind: ex. “You know I ain’t [don’t] flow like that!”
    1) ça pulse

    ) (avoir un certain air/manière d’être)

    (n) A forum; a place where people gather to exchange ideas, thoughts, and insights


    Get Ghost :
    (v) leave town ; make one’s self scarce;

    quitter la ville, quitter un endroit, se faire rare

    Good lookin’ (out), Pimpin’ /Dawg/Girl!
    An expression of gratitude for an act of kindness
    merci d'y avoir jeté un oeil, mec (fam.)
    c'est cool, je te remercie (fam.)
    Merci du coup de main, mec ! (fam.)
    T'es un vrai pote, mec ! (pop.)
    T'as été cool sur ce coup-là, mon pote (fam.)

    T'as assuré grave, mec (vulg.)

    Grizzy: slang for “grind”, or “the grind”: A job; Work; What you do for a living or a hustle
    turbin (fam.), taf/taff (fam.), gagne-pain (pop.), arnaque (arg.)

    Heffa :
    (n) corruption of « Heifer », literally, a young cow; A pejorative term for a disagreeable, undesirable woman; used as an insult.
    Littéralement : une jeune vache, une génisse ; greluche (arg.), garce (pop.), salope (vulg.), peau de vache (pop.), radasse (vulg.)

    Homie :
    1) (n) Somone with whom you have a close relationship; typically someone who you live in close proximity to, or someone you work with; also someone you have respect and admiration for.

    1) pote (pop.), copain (fam.)

    Ill :
    1) -in(vt) Acting in a socially inappropriate manner. “You be [are] illin’”
    2) (adj) Not right; dumb; also used in a positive sense: “She is so good lookin; she is ill!”

    1) déconner (vulg.), être relou (verlan)
    2) d'enfer (positif, fam.)

    in my fillins (feelings)
    (adv) feeling bad or sad or disappointed about something.
    "Dawwwg (mec), I wuz [was] in my fillins [feelings] on'nat [on that]!")
    se sentir triste/déçu (désappointé) à propos de quelque chose

    In the House:
    (adverbial phrase) Here (or there); present and accounted for.
    dans la place

    (adv) An intensifier, used to stress the importance or intensity of something; Very; to a great degree; Ex." It be JI cold up in heah, dawg..."

    Jo’nt (Joint):
    1)(n) A work, or undertaking; more generally, something. “Dis’ jo’nt be oan and poppin’!”
    2) A marijuana cigarette
    1) un travail ; une tâche entreprise ; ou, plus simplement, quelque chose.
    2) un j
    oint ; une cigarette de marijuana/cannabis

    Jumping Off :
    1) (v) Taking place ; going on ; occurring ; “Ain’t nuttin much jumpin’ off up in heah…’cept mebbee da snow, an’ I like me some snow…”

    se passer, arriver, se produire
    2) Jump Off: (n) someone with whom you are having an illicit relationship
    Amant, maîtresse

    Kickin’ it off da Bo-Bo: To say “wussup” (what’s up?/ to a homie(friend); shooting the shit
    pour engager une conversation ; ça gaze ? (pop.), ça pulse ? (fam.), ça farte ? (fam.)


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    AAVE slang - M - S



    On Point :
    (adj) Correct ; To the point ; astute
    juste ; correcte ; astucieux

    Pile-poil (pop.)

    Phat :
    1) (adj) Physically attractive; having a bodacious body; curvy; an acronym for PHysically ATtractive, or Pretty, Hot, And Tempting.
    2) High quality, extraordinary; “We wuz bumpin some phat beats!”
    1) Attirant (regular word); pimpant (a bit obsolete)

    (nouns) une bombe, une bombe atomique, un canon
    (adj) canon
    2)( De la haute qualité; extraordinaire)

    Poppin’ Collars: Trying to appear to be very desirable/popular, even though this is probably not the case
    Essayer d’être populaire/à la mode alors que ce n’est pas le cas

    Poppin’ Tags: buying a lot of new clothes and showing them off
    acheter beaucoup de vêtements et faire de l’esbrouffe ; frimer (fam.), crâner (fam.)

    (noun) short for "propers" or "proper respect". A term used to show appreciation or respect for what someone has done, said, etc.


    Ride; Wheels; chariot; whip, hooptie:
    (n) a car ; one’s personal means of transportation; A “hooptie” is an old, broken down car.

    Une « hooptie » est une vielle voiture déglinguée.
    caisse; chignole; chiotte; tire

    (vt.) To wear proudly; ex. "I was rocking my brand new Nikes".

    se la péter avec

    Scrill/Ink/Paper/Cheddar(or cheese);Benjamins:
    1) (n) money; material wealth e.g. "Got to make my chedda betta"; "Its all about the ink." "No need to support her, she makes her own cheese."
    2) "Benjamin" comes from the $100.00 (USD) bill, which has a picture of Benjamin Franklin on it.
    Pèze (arg.), monnaie (fam.), flouze (pop.), fric (fam.), pognon (pop.), thune/thunes (pop.), ronds (fam.), blé (pop.), avoine (pop.), foin (pop.) oseille (pop.)

    Shorty :
    1) (n) A young person under 18.
    2)(n)A close friend.
    3) (n) A girlfriend, used typically as a term of affection.
    3) (n) A small alcoholic beverage, typically beer.
    4) (n) A paramour, typically of a strictly sexual nature (pejorative).
    1) enfant môme (pop.), gosse (pop.), mioche (pop.), morpion (arg.), morveux (pop.)...

    2) copine/petite amie greluche (pop.), gonzesse (arg.), meuf (verlan)
    3) une petit bouteille de bière une binouze, une p'tite bière (we don't have the exact quantitative equivalent!) un godet (= a drink)
    4) pétasse, chaudasse

    Slumped: Dead; murdered
    Mort ; cané (arg.) ; assassiné ; buté (arg.), descendu (arg.), refroidi (arg.)

    1) In fact; for certain

    2) [Truly] Desirable; having, without a doubt, good qualities

    trop (used as "très")
    grave (used as "beaucoup")


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    AAVE slang - T - Z

    Tite (tight)

    Desirable; possessing exceptionally good qualities
    à donf
    C’est d’la balle
    C’est le top du top
    C’est balaise de chez balaise
    C’est d’la bombe de balle
    C’est trop d’la balle
    Trop bon
    chanmé (de méchant)

    Th[r]ow Down :
    (vt) Prepare a sumptuous, tasty feast; prepare an elaborate meal/party ; “When ma girl ha’ da fam ovah fo’ dinna da ova night, she tho’w down!”

    Préparer un délicieux festin ; organiser une réception avec minutie.
    Mettre les petits plats dans les grands (pop.)

    (adj) short for "Keeping it real"; authentic; real
    e.g. "Ma boi XZibit is trill...ya heard?!"
    authentique, véritable

    True that (“tru dat”)
    (interjection) “I concur”; An expression of agreement.

    D’accord ; c’est vrai !

    Up in Here
    (adverbial phrase): In this location or vicinity.
    e.g. "Lots of love going 'round up in here..."
    ici ; dans cet endroit


    1) (adj) Derivation of the word “weak”; Uncool; dumb; being totally inappropriate
    2) (adj) Nonsense/Stupid/B.S.
    1) givré, fêlé, grave
    2) n'importe naouak(sort of verlan for "n'importe quoi")

    (n) Close female friend ; sometimes involving a sexual relationship ;

    une amie intime ; de temps en temps avec un relation ou rapport sexuelle.

    You Go, Girl/Boy !

    Expression of approval
    Féminine : Vas-y, poulette/ma cocotte/ma vieille/ma grosse/chérie
    Masculin :vas-y mon coco/mon vieux/mon gros/chéri/mon gars/mon pote

    Various forms of addressing the male of the species

    Son, Young, Dawg, Du’[de], pimpin’, fam, homie/homes , (my) boi(y), :warn: :warn: my nigga (only used by Afro-Americans to other Afro-Americans, otherwise this would be an insult):warn::warn:;
    (n) an appellation of the male of the species, with varying degrees of familiarity

    Mon gars (pop.), petit (fam.), mon coco (démodé), mon vieux (fam.), mon pote (pop.), mec (pop.)

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