expresión artistica , forma de expresión

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  1. medeo Member

    spain spanish
    could someone tell me how would you translate those expresions to English?
    I think that if I translate them simply by 'expression' sounds more like a way of talking instead being something more corporeal...
    Thanks a lot
  2. Paul5251 Senior Member

    Hi medeo-

    I'm not sure of the context but "art form" would be a good way to say that.
  3. medeo Member

    spain spanish
    Thanks very much Paul,
    I'm refering to 'forms of expression' of the Spanish popular culture, like for example Flamenco. my sentence is:

    Some authors like Yarza or Navis emphasis the process of recycling that la Movida carried out over some forms of expressions of the Spanish popular culture that the Francoist legacy had confined for propagandistic purposes.

    I think that this doesn't sound really good, but I can find other way of saying it, could you please tell me what you think of the words on bold.
    Thanks a lot!
  4. Paul5251 Senior Member

    Some authors like Yarza or Navis emphasize/put emphasis on...

    For the section in bold I would say "...carried out through the popular cultural expressions..." Your context implies you are writing about Spain so you don't really need to include "Spanish" here. You can say "the popular Spanish cultural expressions" but this sounds a bit redundant to me. I hope this helps!
  5. medeo Member

    spain spanish
    Thank you very much for your suggestion I agree with you that it was a bit redundant.
    Have a nice day
  6. MariumNauta New Member

    I like Paul's suggestion but it 'd be better if the word "forma" could be translated too.
    "Expresión cultural popular" is not exactly the same as "FORMA de expresión cultural popular"...

    in that sense, is it ok to say "the forms of popular cutural expression"???

    Im translating a text from Spanish into Engish and right now im facing the same problem with the word "forma"

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