1. Kevyn_Arnold Senior Member

    Es un curso electivo en un programa de estudios
    Espresión Corporal = Body movement???

    Mil gracias
  2. ILT

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    México - Español/Castellano
    Creo que he escuchado body language.

  3. Kevyn_Arnold Senior Member

    Entones puedo incluir Body Language como curso en un transcript
  4. jainfarstrider New Member

    English-Midwest American
    Body language often refers to the minute physical responses between two people, usually in conversation. For example, consider the distance between two people while speaking. In English, it is often used to describe mutual interest and even sexual attraction between the speakers, for example: I know Jane likes Billy, look at her body language--it's written all over her.

    I've been working with several gym teachers here in Andalucía to identify a more accurate English description. Wikipedia offers the phrase "Physical Theatre," referring to "performance that pursues storytelling through primarily physical means." However, this doesn't appear to include the range of rhythmic activities (such as dancing) in a gym class. This definition also narrowly defines the outcome as a play or theatrical performance.

    For that reason, I see two options. First, it may be best to revert back to a literal translation and chalk one up to an original Spanish phrase, "body expression." This captures the wider range of communication through the body without the added connotation from the use of "body language." However, this phrase lacks any sort of concrete reference in English--"body expression" does not exist as a well-defined category.

    Another option includes redefining the label. The difficulty in defining expresión corporal in English may be seen as an example of cultural hesitation, especially in the Midwest region of the United States, to talk directly about the body. In this case, I would make a combination of activities aimed for, such as "Dancing, Improvisation and Physical Theatre," moving the focal point away from the body.
  5. LuciArrojoB

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    Thank you, jainfarstrider, very useful!

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